Phone 617-777-3470 Copyright © 2006 - 2012 SetSail Yachts Inc.  ~  Phone (617) 777-3470 Five steps to make the boat buying process EASY!  Step One - Finding the Right Boat.   As a future boat owner, you decide what is important to you on your list of “must haves”.  Narrow down the type/style of boat you’re most interested in and if you have a favorite manufacturer and model increase your geographical region to locate the best of the best.   Step Two - The Initial Inspection.  Once you’ve found a boat that appears to be what your looking for, first give the boat the 10,000 foot view.  You’ll know immediately if its a boat worth pursuing.  You want to determine if she’s been well cared for and shows “pride of ownership”.  Don’t let winter lay-up mode deter you, as most boats layed-up for the winter are generally not in prime boat showing condition.  In this age of technology marine electronics have come a long way and the latest navigation and communication gadgets are great but don’t get too wowed by the electronics, buy the boat based on the boats own merits.  Step Three - Make an Offer!   Complete a Purchase and Sale contract including your contingencies as a condition of purchase, such as an acceptable marine survey, out of water bottom inspection, sea trial and financing.  Any offer must be accompanied with a 10% deposit which is placed in an escrow account with our agency.  If you decide against the purchase your deposit is refunded in full.  The offer is then forwarded to the seller for their acceptance or rejection.  If there is a counter-offer we continue to negotiate until an offer is accepted by both parties. Step Four - Survey & Sea Trial You’ll need to retain a qualified marine surveyor who is experienced with the type of boat you’re purchasing.  If you don’t know a surveyor, we can provide a list of surveyors to choose from.  The survey is a great opportunity to learn all there is to learn about your prospective boat, the good, the bad and the ugly.  You will need to complete all of your "subject to contingency items” by your the Acceptance Date that you wrote in the Purchase & Sales agreement. If you’re happy with the survey and sea trial, you then sign an Acceptance of Yacht and we can start our closing procedure. Step Five - Closing Procedure You may use one of the closing services who will order an abstract (lien search), prepare Bills of Sale and discuss with you the differences of Coast Guard Documentation or registering the boat in your home state.  The closing usually takes place 5-7 days after the date of acceptance.  SetSail Yachts will provide a closing statement outlining the financial transaction.  Upon the closing you’ll receive the Bills of Sale, the keys to the boat and you’re then the proud owner of a new yacht. BUYING PROCESS